Author Copies

Author copies

The exciting moment when I get home from work after a long day and discover three boxes from Penguin Random House containing the author copies of my first book…(Photo: Diane Magras)

Author Copy

A special book was waiting for me at home on Friday after work…and was quite an incredible surprise. I saw the book-shaped padded envelope from my publisher, had a pretty good idea of what it might be, and asked my son to open the package. His grin grew wider and wider as he did. He’s been my reader all this time, my critic, and also my biggest fan, and it meant the world to share this with him.

Here’s my first book, displayed on a saltire (the Scottish flag) with a claymore, a Scottish sword (wrong century for my book, but it’s what I had on hand). Photo: Diane Magras


Starred Review

From Publishers Weekly:

“Empathetic, bold, and entirely herself at a time when women were dismissed as weak, Drest shines in this fast-paced adventure.”

A lovely surprise to find this morning.

From Publishers Weekly…

This is the kind of review that we authors dream of:

“If the promotional language on ARCs was universally accurate we should all need larger bookstores, that’s certain, but if any galley were to be held up as a model of truth in advertising it is The Mad Wolf’s Daughter by Diane Magras. And yet the character of the book transcends the simple truth of its descriptors.

Why? A rising tide lifts all boats, they say, and it is apropos to storytelling as well. A great story elevates all its constituent parts. Sure, it’s true that The Mad Wolf’s Daughter is a middle grade fantasy with feminist elements, a strong young heroine, an informed exploration of relevant social issues, and the transposition of established gender roles, but it is the book’s great storytelling that makes all its components shine.”

Read the whole review here.

My First Trade Review

We debut authors always bite our nails as reviews come in, and so it’s always nice to have one full of compliments. Here’s my first trade review, from Kirkus:

“In this fresh take on the chivalric romance, it’s wee lass Drest who becomes a legend as she journeys across 13th-century Scotland’s remote coastal headlands to rescue her da and brothers, the Mad Wolf and his band, from Faintree Castle.”

Read on for more:

The Mad Wolf’s Daughter on Sale!

Things change suddenly in publishing, and one thing that has just come up for The Mad Wolf’s Daughter is the many bookstores where it’s suddenly on sale. My husband and I have had fun checking out our favorite indies from around the U.S. and seeing if they have my book for preorder (so far, they all have!). It’s flattering, breathtaking, and a bit unreal.

Here’s the link for IndieBound if you want to try this too!

A New Cover

More on this on the blog, but here’s the new cover! Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the old one, but I love this even more!

The ARCs Arrive!

When advanced reading copies arrive for any author (but especially a debut), it’s news: The book is really a book! Here they are, the box newly opened!