Author Talk at Memorial Middle School

I managed to write down most of what came up in the Create a Premise exercise and took a photo of ideas for each class (good luck to them reading my hasty handwriting, though!). These three are from one of my favorite premises—it took up quite a bit of the whiteboard! Click on the images to see them enlarged. 

On December 7, 2016, I gave my first author talk at Memorial Middle School in South Portland, Maine. The Mad Wolf’s Daughter wasn’t out yet, and I didn’t have cover art at the time, but I was asked by the school to talk about an author’s life to five classes of 6th graders as part of Career & Aspirations Day. I spoke about the basic roles in the publishing industry, how a cover artist gets chosen (I had students in each class pick their favorite among artists I admired), and what the revision process is like (I brought in a printed copy of the most recent draft of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter and used chunks of it to physically illustrate how many rewrites I had done). I also debuted my Create a Premise exercise. Read the full summary of one of the premises.

My contact for the event emailed me afterward:

“The teachers said that your presentation was excellent. They really appreciated how you are helping to jump start the editing process with their students.”