Cover art by Antonio Javier Caparo
Publisher: Kathy Dawson Books, Penguin Young Readers
March 5, 2019
ISBN: 978-0735229297
Ages 9 to 12

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Junior Library Guild Spring 2019 Gold Standard Selection

A Listening Library Selection

Praise for The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter:

“Magras deftly balances introspection and action as Drest proves herself willing to risk everything—and the result will leave readers cheering. . . . A standout among quest tales for middle graders.”
Kirkus Reviews (Full Review)

“Magras maintains the breathtaking pace of the previous book . . . In addition to all the action, the book is laced with humor while maintaining an undercurrent of thoughtfulness. No sophomore slump here: the book is every bit as good as its predecessor.”

“Exciting, fast-paced, and beautifully written! The perfect follow-up to the first book, and by the end, readers will be clamoring for more!”
—Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times Bestselling Author of The False Prince

The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter is a gripping, white-knuckle adventure. Readers will love cheering for this unforgettable heroine.”
—Dan Gemeinhart, author of The Honest Truth and The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

“The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter by Diane Magras is that rare sequel that both builds on and outdoes its predecessor. Exciting and fulfilling, the book expands on the themes of moral tension wrought between individual conscience and family ties, along with a well developed array of friendships and heart-pounding action scenes.”
Publishers Weekly ShelfTalker, written by Kenny Brechner, DDG Books

The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter

The companion to a New York Times Editors’ Choice and Kids’ Indie Next List Pick—a heart-pounding adventure starring a strong heroine who is battling the challenges of being a legend—perfect for reading aloud with the whole family.

Brave warrior, bloodthirsty villain, vicious lass, wolf’s head—Drest can see herself in most of the names she’ s been called, except the last. Wolf’s head. It’s a sentence of death-without-trial that’s been decreed by the ruler of Faintree Castle: the traitor Sir Oswyn. And one of his knights is determined to earn the sentence’s rich reward.

It’s also a sentence that Drest tries to keep secret when her father and brothers (the Mad Wolf and his war-band) flee the castle men who are hunting them, leaving her in a village to protect the deposed and wounded young Lord Faintree. But word of the wolf’s head travels, and Drest is soon in grave danger. Unless she’s willing to run for the rest of her life or hide as an ordinary maiden, her only hope is for Lord Faintree to regain his power and reverse the sentence. Drest must decide who she really is and how much longer she is willing to risk her life before Sir Oswyn’s knight catches his wolf.


On the Audiobook

I was thrilled to learn that Joshua Manning would be narrating this audiobook (here’s a lovely starred review of it from Sound Commentary, by the way). He narrated the first of Drest’s adventures, and I loved listening to how he represented all the characters that I’d created, interpreting them in his own way, bringing them all into a new life. He’s done the same with The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter, with villains are just as spine-chilling as before, and heroes as singular, the action as tense, and the warmth as powerful. Listen to the second chapter of The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter to get a taste of what this incredible Scottish-born actor has been up to.

Joshua Manning is a film, television, and theater actor with considerable audio recording experience, including work on audiobooks and radio. He’s performed voice-over work with Six to Start and Elephant Games. Other credits include The Muppets Most Wanted and Doctors, as well as By Jeeves at The Old Laundry Theatre, The BFG at Birmingham Rep, and work with National Theatre Scotland, The National Theatre, and The Old Vic. You can follow him on Twitter at @JS_ManningVoice.

—Diane Magras