Story Bite 30: To an Empty Page

I hope this writing tip is especially fun for students who struggle to get started on writing assignments.

Imagine that you’re having trouble writing. Write an angry letter to your blank page. Let it all out!

an empty lined page with a black pen

How do you feel about the writing assignment that you’re struggling with? Do you wish that you could find an idea? Or do you wish that you could toss this assignment out that window? Share that, in as colorful words as you like!

What does the page look like to you? Describe it—and describe how you feel about it. Does it seem to be mocking you? Is it haughty in its blankness? Or is it pristine and beautiful, hopeful and pure? Feel free to be as earnest, angry, or sarcastic as you like.

What is this blank page doing to you? Think of hyperbole (an exaggeration of what’s really happening). Is it holding you hostage? It is hypnotizing you? Is it ignoring you? What do you want to do in response?

Pick any or all of these to write about, and then add a conclusion. Make this a farewell, a wish…or maybe the first line of a hypothetical assignment!

Happy writing!

2 Responses to “Story Bite 30: To an Empty Page”

    • Diane

      This is for so many students I’ve known who’ve struggled at test-time, staring at an empty page, unable to put their thoughts together. So why not take it out on the page? So glad you enjoyed it!


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