Story Bite 29: Word Inspirations and Character Creations

This month’s writing tip involves taking a delightful (and perhaps unusual) word and creating a wholly original creature based on it.

The word is crepuscular.

A twilight scene, trees with a misty blue sky

This word is used to described an animal or another kind of creature that’s active in the twilight. Your task: Invent an animal (a monster, if you like) that represents this.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or say that word? How does the sound of that word make you feel?

What does the definition make you think? (And what does the night, or twilight, mean to you?)

Is this a scary creature, something dangerous? Or a kind, friendly creature?

What kind of features does your creature have that enables it to belong in the twilight or night? (Think about characteristics of nocturnal creatures in our world.)

Come up with your creature, and then write a description:

  • What it looks like (its skin, fur, or features; general shape; number of legs, etc.)
  • What it sounds like (its call or the sound of its walk)
  • How it moves
  • What it eats
  • What it cares about most in the world (what does it want?)

Now, that last part turns this creature into a character (that happens once you bring in wants and needs). And that could be the start of a story.

Care to keep going? I think you should!

Happy writing!

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