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The Historical Novel Society is a great resource. On their website, aficionados of historical fiction may learn about what historical novels are out in the English-speaking world, or research ones from the past. I’ve gone to their website many times to look at reviews. It’s especially nice because the people reviewing are as big on history as I am (or are actual professional historians!).

So imagine my delight when an editor of the Historical Novel Society emailed me this review of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter! I especially like the ending, where the reviewer notices how Drest’s reliance on her brothers’ voices shifts to a reliance on her own.

Book critics don’t write reviews for authors, and authors really shouldn’t read reviews with their author brain switched on. We’re not the audience. And that’s fine. But that truth doesn’t take away from my pleasure in this review as both an author and someone who loves historical novels.

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  1. :Donna

    It’s so funny, Diane…when I was a kid I had no interest in history. I felt like all we were doing was memorizing names and dates, or they were discussing things that were of no concern to me. As an adult I LOVE history. This sounds like a wonderful resource 🙂

    • Diane

      Yes, that was my experience too, though when I became a teen, I was very interested in the stories of history thanks to the books I’m reading. Sadly, kids today in both the U.S. and U.K. still aren’t getting hooked, so I’m hoping that books like these two will do the job!


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