Teacher’s Guide: Update

With the school year about to begin (and having already begun in some parts of the country), I’ve finally got around to updating the Teacher’s Guide for The Mad Wolf’s Daughter to include some new resources, as well as discussion questions for The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter. I realize that sequels are rarely used in classrooms as a primary study text, but are often used in classroom book groups, and so the discussion questions will, I hope, be useful in that context. It was a lot of fun to look back over the original guide and imagine how this might have been used in classrooms.

Enjoy! And if this Teacher’s Guide has had a place in your classroom, please let me know if it’s been useful.

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  1. Amy young

    I really enjoyed reading these two books, and am quite curious if there is a third book in the works? I’d love to see how Drest and her brothers all fare at the castle. How her & her mother’s relationship progresses, and whether or not Emerick finds the courage to propose. 😉

    • Diane

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the two books, and that the characters have clearly come alive for you.

      It’s always up to the publisher whether there will be another book or not. As of now, there’s no plan for another, and I’ll just have to see. But as industry insiders always say, middle grade books have a long tail, as there are always new readers growing into the age group for them, and we’ll just have to see.

      Thanks for commenting!


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