Being an Award-Winning Author

There are some lovely huge moments in an author’s life: the moment you hold your first book, the first time you read from your first book aloud to an audience, the first time a student tells you how much your work has meant to them…and sometimes formal recognition of other kinds as well. I had one of those huge moments of formal recognition on April 25, 2019, when the Maine Library Association awarded my debut novel, The Mad Wolf’s Daughter, with the Lupine Award. This is Maine’s big award for children’s literature. I received it for the Juvenile/Young Adult category.

And so now, I’m officially an award-winning author! This is a very meaningful award for me, being from my home state, and I’m deeply touched and honored.

Here I am receiving a hug from Jill Hooper, a school librarian who chaired the Lupine Committee. Photo: Maine Library Association

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