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I’m thrilled to share my Teacher’s Guide for The Mad Wolf’s Daughter. I hope this guide will be used in many classrooms, especially once the paperback comes out (which will be on February 12, 2019).

I love inspiring students, and I’ve read a lot of educational literature, so I had an idea of how to put this together. But special thanks to Anne O’Brien Carelli (my fellow debut MG author this year, as well as a former teacher) for pointing me toward great information about Common Core Standards and proofing this for me.

I’m offering the guide as a free PDF. I’d love to know if you’re using it in your classroom. By the way, if you are and would like some bookmarks to go with it for your students, contact me and I’ll send you a batch as long as I have any left!

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  1. April Moody

    I am on the committee for the middle grade Beehive Book award in the state of Utah and would love your study guide questions! If possible I would like to use a few of them on our website (http://www.claubeehive.org/) to help promote the use of your book in classrooms.

    • Diane

      Hello, April. Thanks so much for your interest in using this study guide on your website. If you don’t mind linking pages where you quote it to its page on my website, as well as crediting me for it, that would be absolutely fine!


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