Sherman’s in Portland, Maine

Sherman’s (a local bookstore chain in Maine) was the bookstore I grew up with, and so it was great fun to be on a tour of several Sherman’s stores this summer. On Saturday, we were in Portland. Usually when I drive down to Maine’s largest city, it’s to go to my day job, but for this trip, it was to the Old Port, where I was greeted by this:

Photo: Michael Magras

I had a lovely place to sign books and chat with readers in this Sherman’s—a spot with a cushioned seat. And, as you can see, I had people to chat with moments after getting settled. And I read the first chapter of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter aloud to three different kids who took me up on it when I offered to! (Just know that I love to read aloud, so go ahead and ask me if you’re ever at one of my book events—in fact, if you have a favorite part, I’d be happy to read that! And, of course, I do voices.)

Photo: Michael Magras

I also had the great pleasure to meet an author I’ve known online only for about a year: Ginger Johnson, whose middle grade book, The Splintered Light, is coming out on September 4, 2018.

Photo: William Johnson

My next stop on this Sherman’s tour will be in Damariscotta, up the coast a bit, on July 21, 2018, at 1 pm. And then I’m onto other places. Check out my Appearances page to find out where to catch me in person!

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