Bookstore Signing—With Flowers

I wasn’t presented with flowers in the traditional sense during my first bookstore signing on the Sherman’s circuit, but I snuck in a visit to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens while I was in Boothbay Harbor, so I did get to see their magnificent display. And so my memories of this day will include the following:

Seeing my book on the shelf (always a fun experience! I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling the little thrill that comes from spotting Drest’s face glaring up at me)…

Drest on the shelf (art by Antonio Javier Caparo). Photo: Diane Magras

…gazing out at the street whilst sitting at my table right in front of Sherman’s…

My view. Photo: Diane Magras

…and chatting with customers about castles both Scottish and Welsh (and Dumfries and more!), the industry of children’s literature, and a great exhibit at the Farnsworth Museum up the coast in Rockland, all while signing books (I’m getting quite good at signing while chatting!).

A quick shout-out to the kind man who took this pic and then fetched me the most glorious cuppa right after (it was a wee bit chilly on the street). Photo: Michael Magras

Then off to the gardens for a tulip extravaganza!

Photo: Diane Magras

With more…

Photo: Diane Magras

…and still more…

Photo: Diane Magras

…and (happy sigh) ferns:

Photo: Diane Magras

It was a lovely day, made all the more special by the Lad’s and my husband’s company. It’s fun being an author, but especially fun to share this with my wonderful family.

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