The Mad Wolf’s Daughter…Read Aloud

If you’ve met me in person, you’ve probably heard me go on a bit about Scotland. (And if you know me on social media, you’ve seen that too.) So, with my book placed in 1210 on the Scottish lowlands (most the Borders and the coast), it should come as no surprise that I was hoping that the audiobook of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter would feature a reader who could speak with a Scottish accent. Now, of course, that wasn’t the only item on my wish-list. I also wanted someone who could tell the story well, who would delve into the adventure element the way a master storyteller would, who’d be able to convey its legend and mystery, the excitement of the historical aspects, have a rich voice for the narration, and be able to capture all the characters’ voices convincingly (that would be Drest, Emerick, her father and her brothers, Tig, the villagers, the knights)…it’s a bit of a wish-list.

Imagine my excitement when I heard an audition for this narration that captured all of this very nicely…and then notch that up a few levels when I heard the final recording of the first chapter. Which captured all of it perfectly.

Give it a listen yourself and see what I mean:

Here’s Joshua Manning reading Chapter 1 of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter.

Here’s yet another moment in this writing journey where I can honestly say I could not be more thrilled.


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