Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

It’s been another exciting day for this debut writer! I woke up to find my very first starred review in this lovely piece from Publisher’s Weekly. Here’s the takeaway line:

“Empathetic, bold, and entirely herself at a time when women were dismissed as weak, Drest shines in this fast-paced adventure.”

Now, book review stars, as my book critic husband always tells me, are not a science. Critics assign them just when they really love the book at hand. So I feel especially chuffed to have someone at this well-known publication feel so enthusiastic about The Mad Wolf’s Daughter.

Thank you, Publisher’s Weekly!

Here’s my beautiful old cover, which was updated to the beautiful new one on the website. I post it just to share what’s on the review, as this is the cover for the ARC. The incredible art for both is by Antonio Javier Caparo.

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