Story Bite 3: On Food

Last month’s writing prompt was about setting. I hope your mouth won’t water too much over November’s prompt, which is about…food!

For this month, write either nonfiction or fiction. Write as yourself, or pick a character (create your own alter ego, or go ahead and pick someone from your favorite book).

Here’s a visual to start:

Afternoon tea, made by eteaket Tea Room in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo: Diane Magras

This, friends, is an extravagant afternoon tea. Pastries at the top, scones in the middle, and Brie and pesto tomato sandwiches at the bottom. It was one of my favorite meals in Edinburgh this summer (and no, I did not eat the whole thing).

Now ask yourself or your character the following:

What was one of your favorite meals? What was the occasion? (A birthday? A holiday? A celebratory occasion? A certain person you were sharing the meal with?)

What did you like most about the meal? What were the different foods and what did they taste like? What made the food or drink special?

Was there anything you would have liked to have changed? Do you have any regrets about what you ate, or didn’t eat?

What do you want others to know about this meal (the kind of food, how it was made, or the experience)?

And did you play a part in making it, or just eating it?

As usual, answer as many of these questions as you’d like. Write a paragraph (it can be just two sentences, or a whole page).

I hope you have fun with this prompt.


If you wish to share your writing:

Submit your story bite to me through your teacher or with your school email address or home email address and include: your first name, grade, school’s name (or “homeschooled”), town, and state.

If I have a moment, I’ll post a story bite that I’ve received the month before and say a few things that I like about it.

Teachers: if your make story bites part of a lesson, please let me know how it went. And share them! I’d love to see your students’ work.

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